Total recovery

Ποστάρω στα αγγλικά, διότι είναι τεχνικό ποστ, οπότε πρέπει να μαθαίνουν όλοι, καθόσον είμεθα και διεθνιστές.

So, recovering of the crashed disk my server failed. Bad sectors, which led to total backup failing, either through xfs_copy or through classic cp -r. So, I just installed gentoo again in the new disk. But, instead of making a new kernel, I just copied the old kernel, which I knew it worked flawlessly. The old disk was very slow (hdparm -t showed 300K/sec!!!), but copying, although slow as a leech in the swamp, worked fine). I also copied the entire old /etc directory to my new installation, which led to having all my users passwords, configurations, services, things like that, all at once. Then copied the old /var/www/localhost/htdocs and /var/lib/mysql, which had my webserver and mysql databases up and running in no time. Copied the old /var/lib/iptables rules. Also “blessed” the new disk with grub (grub-install didn’t work, go figure), changed the BIOS setting, et voilá!

The only thing that I had to do from this point on, was re-emerging all the packages. Since this is a server installation, running only the startup services, I just emerged all the services that were reported broken in startup. Again a final reboot and malakia is up and running. Total repairing time 2 hours. Good.

The thing with M-Audio Firewire 410 not showing up in PowerMac Digital Audio G4/667 was just a matter of broken drivers. Seems that M-Audio since version 1.8 has broken PPC support. So, just downgrading to 1.7 solved the issue and FW410 worked again. Buggy, but at least works. So, to all out there having a PPC Mac with a Firewire series M-Audio interface: Downgrade your drivers!

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